What is Artisan Gelato?

Artisan Gelato Ingredients

Fresh, creamy, light and with a low-fat content, the italian Artisal Gelato is not only dessert, but indeed a complete quality meal, whose characteristics are different from the classical ice-cream.
Ice cream is a mixture of ingredients taken from a liquid state to a paste thanks to a simultaneous process of freezing and whipping (this process is carried out in ice cream machines). Freezing crystallizes the watery part of the mixture, whereas whipping incorporates air and gives the mixture the typical characteristics of ice cream, in other words, lightness, creaminess and homogeneity of the ingredients used.

Ice cream has three basic ingredients

This is the only ingredient that freezes during the freezing process (which is performed by ice cream machines). It also acts as a solvent for the solid substances present in the mixture. The smaller the water crystals, the finer the texture of the ice cream.

Sugar is extremely important because it does not freeze and therefore, by mixing it with water, it is possible to obtain a mixture that even at low temperatures (frozen) maintains its creamy consistency. Therefore, sugar has two functions - sweetening and lowering the freezing point of the mixture. Two water and sugar mixtures, each with a different percentage of sugar, will give different creaminess if placed at a specific negative temperature (for example -10c). The mixture with more sugar will be softer.

Air is not an ingredient of ice cream but is incorporated in the mixture during the freezing process. In technical jargon, this increase in volume is called "overrun". Incorporating air makes ice cream "warmer" to the palate, softer and creamier. The percentage of air present in ice cream varies depending on the composition of the mixture and the type of machine used to make it. For now, suffice to say that homemade ice cream has a percentage of air of around 30-40%, whereas industrially produced ice cream often reaches 100%. Two different systems can be used to check overrun. A practical one is to leave a small bowl of ice cream on a table, wait for it to melt and see how much the volume has decreased (if it has halved then the overrun was 100%).

Other Ingredients

To obtain a good product, other ingredients are needed. In fact, by blending the water and sugar mixture and incorporating air we obtain a sweet, fairly creamy product that could already be termed as ice cream. However, by adding other ingredients, it is possible to achieve a superior quality product. Fats: favour the incorporation of air that is trapped within the fat molecules. Fat therefore, adds a creamier consistency and leaves a warmer sensation on the palate Proteins: create a protective barrier around the fat molecules, trapping air and therefore making the product even creamier. They also absorb a large amount of water. Stabilizers: are like sponges that swell up by absorbing the small particles of sugar and water dissolved in them. They therefore, trap water and hinder the phenomenon of the crystallization of free water. They also ensure the mixture remains homogenous because in the absence of stabilizers the mixture would "break up" and lose its creaminess after just a couple of hours. Emulsifiers: make it possible to combine the watery part and fatty part, so that the mixture is even more pleasant and homogenous. Flavours: these give the mixture a variety of flavours and can derive from fruit, cocoa, natural flavours, semi-finished products, flavouring and lots more besides.

Smooli Premium Gelato

We use the finest premium ingredients from Italy as well as highest quality locally sources fruit and berries. These premium ingredients combined with the meticulous process of our gelato makers delivers you a consistent quality PREMIUM Gelato which we consider to be one of the best available in Melbourne - more than worthy of the SMOOLI branding!

What is a Smoothie?

A smoothie is a blended and sometimes sweetened beverage made from fresh fruit (fruit smoothie) and in special cases can contain chocolate or peanut butter. In addition to fruit, many smoothies include crushed ice, frozen fruit, honey or contain syrup and ice ingredients. They have a milkshake-like consistency that is thicker than slush drinks. They can also contain milk, yogurt or ice cream. Smoothies are often marketed to health-conscious people, and some restaurants offer add-ins such as soy milk, whey powder, green tea, herbal supplements, or nutritional supplement mixes.

What is a Smoothie compared to a Shake?

Some smoothie recipes contain ice cream or large amounts of added sugar in the form of honey, chocolate syrup, or other additives. The addition of ice cream and particularly large amounts of processed sugar would more likely qualify the resulting beverage as being a shake, rather than a smoothie, as smoothies traditionally don't have added dairy or sugars, and consist only of "natural" non-processed ingredients.

What is a Smoothie vs Juice?

A Smoothie is traditionally made of "mixed" or "blended" whole fruits and vegetables, hence the requirement that the preparation requires the use of a blender. Juices are made by extracting only the liquid of a fruit or vegetable. A smoothie, on the other hand, typically contains the fruit or vegetable in its entirety, providing the additional health benefits of the roughage, skin, seeds, and other parts left out by juicing. A fresh smoothie does not undergo the same type of processing that store bought juices do, meaning that they will generally have a higher nutritional value.

What Types of Smoothies are there ?

People have been making smoothies for many years, and in that time the process of finding new ingredients has led to the development of different types or categories of smoothies, which can be divided into the following:

Fruit Smoothies
- A smoothie made from fruits, specifically for their sweet flavor.
Green Smoothies
- Smoothies typically dark green in color due to their use of dark vegetable greens such as spinach.
Healthy Smoothies
- Any smoothie whose aim is to optimize the amount of nutritional content, with the goal of replacing supplements and providing all of one's daily recommended vitamins and macro-nutrients in a natural form.
Weight Loss Smoothies
- These typically exclude any added sugar (with the aim of minimizing the overall glycemic load of the smoothie), and often contain healthy fats such as flax seed or almond butter to help satiate one's appetite. Caffeine based stimulants like green tea or coffee can also be added which further promote weight loss by both increasing metabolism and reducing appetite.
Dessert Smoothies
- Dessert smoothies typically contain added sugar or fat in the form of ice cream or syrups - many recipe books call for smoothies with either added sugar or dairy products creating a dessert like beverage, which in many cases tastes identical to a shake.

What is Frozen Yoghurt?

Frozen Yogurt has become very trendy in gelato parlours all over the world. Light, easy do digest, fresh and nourishing, the yoghurt can be found in all shapes, flavours and combinations.

Smooli Premium Frozen Yoghurt is REAL Yoghurt!

We use at least 1Kg of Fresh yoghurt in every batch of product we make. By doing this we can bring you a far more enjoyable tase - that of REAL yoghurt. Our Premium Frozen Yoghurt not only tastes great - smooth and creamy - but is also good for you as it contains probiotics - you will LOVE it!

How much does it cost?

For details of our product prices please visit our store where you will see our menu and appropriate pricing tables. However we can assure you that our products are PREMIUM quality at average prices - you you will not be dissapointed!

What is Kosher and Halal?

This is a facinating subject and way beyond the expertise of this humble webmaster!

A good starting point if you have an interest can be found by clicking on this link this link.

Is SMOOLI Premium Gelato Halal?

All of our Premium Gelato ingrediants are Halal Certified - so you your dietry requiements are Halal then you will certainly enjoy our SMOOLI Premium Gelato!

Is SMOOLI Kosher?

Of cause SMOOLI is Kosher - we are a ligit business making PREMIUM quality products!
Ohh... if you wanted to know whether your favourite SMOOLI is a 'Kosher' food - the answer is YES - we have a Kosher Certification from Kosher Australia for all of our yummy SMOOLI products. So if your dietry requirements are Kosher then you will certainly enjoy your SMOOLI!