Smooli Opens for Smoothies

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The name 'Smooli' has always generated questions about its origins.

The name SMOOLI was originally conceived to ryme with Smoothie. It was a non 'branded' name which could be trademarked and internet domained, its easy to remember and rolls of the tounge so to speak - making it a 'fun' name for branding our store.

We are happy to announce that we now have SMOOLI Smoothies! Another fantasty product for you to enjoy, our smoothies are different from what is commonly available elswhere. First of all we have made it easy for you to identify the best smoothie for your dietry needs. We have five different types of smoothies - each of these categories clearly focuses you on choosing the most appropriate flavor that you will not only enjoy but also aid your wellbeing. Our Friut Smoothies are designed to give you a pure fruit base with no dairy or added sugars - a great way to stay hydrated. Our Green Smoothies contain vegetables and are typically green in colour - full of goodness and if you don't like eating your daily veg - what a great way to supplement your daily requirements. The Health Smoothies are designed to provide you with a 'meal-in-a-cup' full of nutrition and a great substitute for a morning coffee that many 'busy people' have when russhing to work each morning and skipping the most important meal in the day - your breakfast! Weight Loss Smoothies are designed to help you loose weight using a very simple formula. Firstly they provide you with your daily neutriants and at the same time satisfy your desire to eat throughout the day. These smoothies contain healthy 'filling' ingrediants such as flak seeds - reducing you appetite to eat more and more throughout the day. What a great way to control your 'snacking' desires and at the same time provideing you with your daily neutritional suppliment. Finally our Desert Smoothies are for those of you who want to enduldge in a delicious drink with a wide range of flavours - in fact most of our Premium Gelato flavours which are used in making the Desert Smoothies. Our Smoothies Menu will help you decide in choosing the best SMOOLI Smoothie for you to enjoy!

Our tagline 'every day in every way' highlights that you SHOULD have a smooli every day and you can have a smooli in every way - be it Premium Gelato, Fantasty Smoothies, Fresh Juices, Premium Frozen Yoghurts or simply Great Coffee.

We hope you will come and try our great SMOOLI Smoothies - we are sure that after you do you'll smooli three times a day!