Who are we?

We are an Australian owned independant business. The name SMOOLI was originally conceived to ryme with Smoothie. It was a non 'branded' name which could be trademarked and internet domained, its easy to remember and rolls of the tounge so to speak - making it a 'fun' name for branding our store. Our principal products are beveridges and cold deserts freshly made on our premises which are complemented by our gourmet winter menu of delicious meals.

The tagline 'every day in every way' simply highlights that you SHOULD have a smooli every day and you can have a smooli in every way - be it Premium Gelato, Fantasty Smoothies, Fresh Juices, Premium Frozen Yoghurts or simply Great Coffee.

We are located in one of Melbourne's best cosmopolitan 'eatery' streets - Carlisle Street Balaclava. There are mumerous cafe's and restaraunts next to us - but there is only one SMOOLI! We have several memourable quotes associated with our store and products. We always welcome new customers and rely heavily on 'word-of-mouth' recommendations from our existing customers.

Now that you know a little about us - we would like to invite you to visit our store and indulge in a SMOOLI - every day in every way.

Some 'fun' taglines from our customer comments are... "You'll never forget your first smooli", "I like smooli better than anything", "I smooli three times a day", "I can't wait for my first smooli", "You can never have too many smoolies" ... why don't you check us out and see if you agree?

How We Do?

Our Company Mission

To provide Premium Quality Products under the SMOOLI branding with exceptional customer service!

Success Stories

Our Premium Gelato has proved to be one of the BEST in Melbourne. Our customers have independantly promoted SMOOLI Premium Gelato via 'word-of-mouth' through social media sites such as urbanspoon and facebook.

Our Approach

Have the best ingredients and process when making food products and provide exceptional customer service to our customers.

Our Ratings

urbanspoon reviews 91%
customer service 99%
value for money 'desert' 90%
childeren friendly 90%

Meet the Team